Poland is a fast growing country and it speedily chases its western neighbors. Every year Poland increases its significance on the international politics’ arena. This growth can be observed in international investments made in Poland, mostly in IT industry. Polish cities are full of international firms which are arising and growing year by year. These companies employ many Polish programmers. The question is: Why you should employ developers from Gliwice, Poland?

Experienced Programmers

Polish programmers are considered to be one of the best programmers in the world. Polish startups are conquering international markets. The information about their success is well known all around the world, for example: GetResponse, UXPin, SMSApi.


Reward of Polish programmers is smaller then in other countries on the west, but the quality od their work is at the same level or even better. It makes no sense to look for employees outside of Poland.


Nowadays there are no such things like “communication barriers” . To manage the project you do not even need to meet with other party. Skype or other communicators for project management make freelance really comfortable. Poland is very well placed on the map – There are a lot of trains and airplanes connections. Better quality of polish highways allows to commute by car. Katowice city is a very well located city. In the range of 100km there are three airports (Katowice, Cracow, Ostrava) and two highways – A1 and A4.

High English language proficiency

Poland is located among 10 countries where is the biggest English language proficiency. If you were scared of communication barriers, don’t worry. Polish IT industry workers speak a very good English. In Katowice the fluency in languages is growing fast due to multicultural expansion of the city. A lot of companies open their subsidiaries in Gliwice and more and more students decide to study on Polish Universities. Your requirements will be properly understood and well met.

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