Agile is a project management methodology which every day gains more and more popularity. Agile is focused on delivering and continuously improving small pieces of the software instead of delivering the entire application.

If you are working in the software development trade, you must have heard about the Agile. If you are a person who seeks for the right software development company, you may heard about Agile but this article will give you a prompt presentation of the Agile pros and cons. Agile has a lot of advantages. This is a project management methodology dedicated to the teams which have a high-quality values and flexibility of the scope. Three main advantages of the agile software development:

  1. A focus on working software rather than wandering throughout documentation – Thanks to agile you can forget about really long annexes to the contract. Of course, there is a documentation but rather a general description not all the details. A software is growing throughout the development process. You cannot exactly predict what outcome you will have. This is the biggest advantage and disadvantage of the agile in the same time.
  2. Change in the scope is possible any time – Inability to provide changes in the scope is what client does not really like. Especially these ones who are not sure what outcome they expect. Agile is a solution for this type of clients. In agile, changes are possible all the time. Clients see a software as it occurs.
  3. Cooperation with a customer instead of contract negotiations – In Agile client is a part of a team and is engaged in the project development during all stages of the project. Instead of meeting when you scrutinize the annex with the documentation and deadline negotiations you all are involved in the process of the software development.

Agile Software Development pros and cons


  • Agile is flexible and there is no need to prepare any detailed documentation. It fits into constantly changeable business conditions
  • Products release fast to the market
  • Better communication – client is a part of a team


  • Hard to predict the final outcome and the costs. Agile is a good option in time and material basis. But it could be hard to work in Agile when the contract is on fixed price basis
  • Lack of a detailed documentation may lead to the misunderstandings
  • When a software development team is not experienced in an agile methodology project can be leaded into the wrong direction.

Types of Agile methodologies

Agile has a lot of project management methodologies:

  • Scrum,
  • Lean software development,
  • Extreme programming,
  • Crystal,
  • Kanban,
  • Dynamic systems development method,
  • Feature-driven development.

Scrum and Kanban are the two of the most common agile methodologies from the list above. They are used the most often in the project management.

Scrum vs Kanban


Each team member knows its role. In the Scrum there is some sort of project manager needed – its called a scrum master. Tasks have assigned owners. Timelines are divided into the „sprints”. During each sprint a team has to work on a list of the stories. Any changes can be made when a sprint is completed. Productivity is measured by an amount of stories completed during every sprint.


Team roles are flexible. There is no project manager and the tasks are seen by every team member. There is no deadline. Team works until the final result will be satisfying. Changes in the scope can be made any time. There is no need in completing the project only to provide changes. Productivity is measured by the time cycle of the completed project.

Agile software development life cycle:

Agile software development life cycle is a combination of a few stages of the software development.

  • A planning stage
  • An analysis of the requirements stage
  • A designing stage
  • A stage of writing the code
  • A stage of unit tests of the software
  • A stage of the client’s acceptance tests

A software to efficiently manage the Agile software development project

There is a lot of software dedicated to manage a software development in the agile. One of the most known is Atlassian Jira. Jira has a lot of functionalities which will help you to manage agile software development cycle properly like: Scrum boards, Kanban boards, Roadmaps, Agile reporting and more – including a mobile app.

Also when your project is smaller you can use another great software from Atlassian – Trello. Trello will not give you as much great features as Jira. But it has a great feature to develop the agile boards. It also makes a team collaboration easy. Trello mobile app help you to manage the project from everywhere. Instead of JIRA, Trello is totally free of charge.

In WASKO we are managing each software development project in the Agile methodology. Depends on client’s needs we can work in Kanban or in the Scrum as well. We are using Jira software to properly manage the project. We have really well-skilled team when it comes to Agile Software Development. Managing a project in  Agile can be dangerous if you do not have well-skilled team which has developed a lot of software in this sort of project management methodology. But with the great team, a great software occurs.

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