The design of your office should not only be pretty for an eye. It has to arouse employees’ creativity, improve the communication and exchange of information inside the company. Still many people are sceptical about how important interior design is, which is very frustrating, because a lot of studies about this has been carried out in this field.

Well-designed office can improve your employees potential, stimulate their brains, in order to work more creatively and also encourage spending time together in the workplace. These things are very needed in company if you want to achieve the best results.

Firstly, we should think about the term “agile office” which look a little bit foreign. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, agile is an adjective “used for describing ways of planning and doing work in which it is understood that making changes as they are needed is an important part of the job”. Agile office is a place where the management and organization is also agile. It means that the workplace, management and organization of the work can impact on each other. What is very important, all of these features are changeable.

How to create your “agile office”?

At first, you should give yourself a couple of days for observing the different patterns of your team’s work. Observe how they cooperate, communicate and socialize with each other, if they do so at all. Next, think what you can change in your office. If you do not have any ideas here you can find some useful tips creating an agile office just for you:

An open space concept

Space arrangement has been very popular topic this year. Many experiments conducted in this field show that open space arrangement is very beneficial for the company, but also communication gets better. Proper conversation can be destroyed by lack of face-to-face contact so you should take all of the partitions down.

Some other idea for easier mobility inside the office is providing the computer station at very desk. It would allow your employees to feel more comfortable around the office and at the same time have more opportunities to specialize with others. Furthermore, the workstation to play its role have to be functional and very comfortable. Comfort and neatness are hand in hand with better work results and mental clarity.

Single floored offices are a good contribution towards developing good social interactions. Space between work stations should let workers to move around comfortably and do not disturb others at the same time. Office should not only consist of desk. You should think about something thrilling and unusual. Bean-bags, standing desks or bouncy ball can deliver a boost of positive energy in the office and enable an escape from boring office which can be seen everywhere.

Creativity space

Comfortable chairs, open space and nice atmosphere is not enough. Your office organization should be a place where the best ideas are about to be created. The agile office should consist a place for creativity, brainstorming, passionate network and socializing as well as formal meetings, solitude and also relaxation. All those features will raise company statistics and employee’s dedication to work.

Planning and creating new things need a special place to pull all these great ideas on. Glass boards, white boards or walls covered with paint on which a person can write will be a great addition to your office design. Those tools have two advantage:

Look fashionable and serve the purpose. Moreover, in addition of big TV screens, vital for visualizing the most important data, backlogs an statistics.

The open space is crucial in developing an agile office, however, designing places for small meetings, conferences and private call could be crucial. Cozy, private room is a good place for conferences to which everyone has a simple access. Furnish it with comfy chairs and some pictures – everyone will be very pleased to spend time in there.

If you want your employees to be very socialized and collaborated with each other, you should reduce the number of coffee machines in your office. When you have one coffee machine, it “force” employees to encounter with each other, exchange opinions and talk with everybody. The flow of information within the office will become smooth and easy an people will stop being strangers in their workplace.

As far as agile approach in concerned the concept of disrupted ergonomics is at the forefront. Changes like limiting the number of coffee machines to one should also be applied to other equipment in the office, for example one printer or one XeroX machine could trigger natural interactions. When people stroll through the office to get to the printer or coffee machine, they naturally will be forced to talk with each other r at least catch an eye contact with co-workers. The atmosphere will be more friendly and open.

Eating is a need which have to be fulfilled by every human being. People do not only work in the office. They need to drink, eat and also talk. Time for a break is very important. Spacious and pretty kitchen where everyone can sit and eat their food is very important and cannot be neglected. A place can be called kitchen, cafeteria or kitchenette which is equipped with proper tools. It might be a place for social interactions, recreation and reflections. It should be considered as a Café or a bistro where employees can rest, drink, eat, read a book and cut off from work for a moment.

One more useful ideas could be an outdoor space or some kind of play room. Many studies prove that permitting your mind a little break is also a moment when the greatest ideas are born. The outdoor space, if it is possible, can be a terrace or a balcony where people could inhale some fresh air, clear their minds and take a sun bath. For people who need other types of relaxation, here comes the entertainment room. This room may contain a pool table, PlayStation, darts or TV with cosy couch. People need to release the tension or frustration especially when they are working on a difficult projects or harsh clients.

The design of the office is a final idea. What colour should you chose? White, black or maybe colourful? It is important to take into consideration whether your workers would be happy to work in such interior for 3 or more years? Bright colours can cause irritation and reduce concentration. So be careful. It is a good idea to hire a professional interior designer or a Feng Shui specialist who can help you with visualizing and arranging your office. This kind of help can help you adopting the agile approach and bring you some positive outcomes.

We are sure that those tips can bring you many positive results during the office’s arrangement.

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