Smart City

Everything around us becomes smart day by day. Nobody likes staying in queues, waiting whole week for a carrier just to see aviso before house door or being always cautious about some thieve stealing something from ones suitcase. Smart cities are the dream about metropolis where thieve is being caught hot handed at a moment when he tries to steal.  You can go to store taking product you want and money will just automatically transfer from your bank account and your post will be delivered by drone to your window. We make this dream reality.

As innovation leaders in industry of smart cities we have specialized team working on projects like that and others including:

  • Command support system
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • System Supporting the Work of the Main Traffic Dispatch Office
  • Automatic depot service system
  • Dynamic passenger information system
  • System of object localization and management

Thanks to years of experience we can build our solutions in many different technologies like: C, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP.




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The biggest challenges of software outsourcing

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