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Software design and production as well as the implementation of comprehensive services in the field of implementing IT systems, automation and electronics. Wasko is a provider of solutions using stable and modern information technologies. We have products that are improving people lives every day.

Intelligent transport system

The system is intended for urban agglomerations, communication associations, as well as urban clusters that intend to improve the efficiency of communication in cities, improve traffic safety and increase the usability of urban transport.

Command support system

The system provides IT support for actions taken by dispatchers services: fire bfigade, ambulance service, mountain rescue service, police, municipal services.

System Supporting the Work of the Main Traffic Dispatch Office

System Supporting the Work of the Main Traffic Dispatch Office „Dispatching” is addressed to public transport companies – the bus, tram or trolleybus in order to improve the quality of services provided.

Automatic depot service system

The main task of the system is the automated management of tram traffic within the depot while maintaining a high level of safety.

Dynamic passenger information system

Modern IT system used to precisely inform passengers about planned public transport vehicle routes.





Database of Ported Numbers


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The most popular types of outsourcing contracts – How to choose the right one?

You may find a lot of obstacles when you will try to outsource the work to the different company. It could be tough to deal with the competence shortage. Shortlisting the best outsourcing suppliers is really challenging. Once you headed throughout the process of seeking for the right ones you can feel relieved. But this feeling will not last forever. Companies representatives will urge you to sign the contract which is the best for them. But which one is the best for you? (more…)
Software development

5 tips to manage remote software development teams

Nowadays competence shortage is one of the biggest challenge for companies. Finding solid people to hire is very hard. Business owners seek for high-value employees everywhere. Lack of software developers on the local market force businesses to look up for the resources abroad. Sometimes in really long distant from their headquarters. Depends on the budget and the project requirements companies quest for the nearshore and the offshore companies. It is really common today to work with the remote teams. Knowing these five following tips will help you to lead your project into the right direction. (more…)

What is data extraction and why is it important for your business.

Let’s be fair for a moment – you want to employ less people and do more stuff in you company. Or at least have them do some actually important things. If you have to employ some people to do stuff that you can do but really don’t want to, then they probably don’t want to do it either. It would be much better to give them some creative and challenging task. This way both, them and your company would develop. (more…)


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