OpenEye Software Development

OpenEye SCADA is an innovative system which visualize technical processes, for example:

  • Fabrics which have automated production lines
  • Media distribution companies (gas, water, heat)
  • Companies and institutions managing dispersed assets (meteorological stations, measuring probes, maintenance-free facilities)
  • Units with complex technical infrastructure (hospitals, universities, offices etc.)
  • Building installation integrators as a BMS class system (Building Management System);

Maintenance and supervision of technical installations can be extremely complicated and expensive. Very often, the complexity of technological processes determines the employment of high class specialists, which leads to an increase in service cost. OpenEye SCADA system is the perfect solution. This system is intended to control production processes, supervise gas, water heat and energy networks operations. Works perfectly in “umbrella management” – as an application integrating various installations: building ( as a part of BMS), technical media (hospitals), network (TCP/IP), and also server and matrix. OpenEye SCADA software can be used in both, simple unit applications, as well as distributed systems with client-server architecture.

The most important OpenEye tasks are: monitoring of technological processes, supervision over the correct operation of the installation and alarming in abnormal situations, control of device operating parameters, and also registration and collection of technological data.

The system processes complicated technical information – analog and digital data streams to a human-understandable form. Displays this data in graphic form on transparent diagrams charts and synoptic tables. For this purpose, OpenEye is equipped with a set of tools that support the daily work of the operator – graphics engine for creating diagrams and applications, alarm panel for easy observation of events, report creator used to prepare any statements based on data collected by the system and many other mechanisms that facilitate everyday work.