Nedaps software development

NEDAPS is an innovative and open platform used to support the management of distributed network and service infrastructure. The system is dedicated for telecommunications operator (ISP, PSTN, VSP) or a company with extensive IT infrastructure.

The use of NEDAPS significantly affects the simplification of operations “on the infrastructure” by manual users as well as BSS business systems, thanks to which the cost and time of implementing new services is significantly reduced.

NEDAPS enables graphic definition of actions (operations, configuration, exchange of information) to be performed on devices and systems in order to perform a specific task. The definition of the operation consists in selecting appropriate functional blocks from the provided libraries and their appropriate combination.

The implementation took 5 000 working hours.

NEDAPS uses Angular framework and Postgres database.

The client had to configure huge number of LxVPN tunnels in his network. The work was performed fully manually by technical staff in a few vendor-specific systems. Thus the process was very slow and inefficient.

NEDAPS allows to fully automate the whole process and covers vendor-specific systems providing user-friendly NEDAPS interface as well as REST API definition for direct use in customer’s BSS systems. NEDAPS allows to delgate configuration process to less-technical staff. Users are able to configure and start processes in NEDAPS system. NEDAPS automatically communicate with other systems and ensures proceeding of operations according to previously agreed and defined scenarios. NEDAPS allows to reduce the time of LxVPN configuration from tens of minutes to 2 minutes.