software development portfolio monitel

Monitel uses medical data transmission to improve the quality of life of patients with heart failure and reduce the cost of their treatment.

The aim of the project was to examining whether remote monitoring of patients with heart failure with varying degrees of severity is:

– safe

– effective

– does it reduce the number of hospitalizations

– does it improve the quality of patients’ life

– whether and how it will affect the patient’s treatment process (prognosis)

Thanks to design works and cooperation of project participants, a unique platform was created and allows remote monitoring of patients with heart failure treated by the use of implantable devices.

The feature that distinguishes the system is the unification of telemetry information. Provides uniform service and quick preview of data obtained from implantable devices of all four manufactures used by Silesian Center for Heart Diseases.

The “ home monitoring” procedure, which is a remote supervisor of patients with implantable devices, is on the AOTM (Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariffs) assessment path of its placement among guaranteed services refinanced by NFZ (National Health Fund).