software development portfolio kobat kolektor

KOBAT-KOLEKTOR is a mediation system and data collection. Automates the processes of transmission, processing, collection and distribution of registered data through elements of the telecommunications network.

It is a complete source of information on events taking place in the telecommunications network for data recipients (e.g. billing systems, subscriber service, fraud detection, management support) by collecting data simultaneously from many different network elements, performing verification functions and data unification.

The basic task of the KOBAT-KOLEKTOR system is to organize an efficient and secure process of xDR data exchange between all elements of the telecommunications network and business layer systems (BSS – Business Support System). Supports all required communication channels and protocols, in particular:

  • TCP IP
  • FTAM

The implemented algorithms allow the processing of data saved in over 300 coding formats used in telecommunications solutions. The mechanisms used to optimize data storage minimize the time needed for cooperation with the database.

The system has been optimized in terms of performance to ensure ONLINE transfer of information between components/participants of the billing process.

The project was implemented in 2 years by a team of 10 people. Project time consuming is about 28,000 man-hour (3600 MD).

Technologies used:

  • C/C++,
  • Java SE,
  • Java EE,
  • PHP,
  • Spring, Spring Boot,
  • Hibernate,
  • HTML,
  • JavaScript,
  • SQL (Oracle),
  • PLSQL,
  • GWT, SmartGWT,