software development portfolio database of ported numbers

BNP system (Database of Ported Numbers) is a tool designed to support processes related to number portability (NP- Number Portability, WLR- Wholesale Line Rental) and communication with the UKE PLI-CBD platform for the purpose of exchanging information about the location of the calling subscriber.

The most important features of the systems are:

  • own user interfaces to support number transfer transactions, reporting the status of transfer records, managing access to PLI-CBD
  • interfaces to the operator’s IT systems- systems automating numbers transfer transactions processes or collecting NP records for subscriber billing, reporting etc.
  • specialized, high-performance UDP/IP and SS7 interfaces (Signaling System 7- control protocol of the commutation network of connections, including telephone) to support commutation of traffic implemented in QoR and ACQ methods

The most important system functions are:

  • automation and optimization of the number transfer process between different operator using modern communication mechanisms (WebServices, SOAP, email, WebSphereMQ, SFTP)
  • providing a full database of national telephone numbers along with information on the current membership of the number to the operator and the history of changes
  • control of information exchange between operators in complaint and damage processes
  • information distribution center about the use of NP services for the entire layer of the operator’s business systems

The system was designed in an architecture ensuring efficient, continuous operation 24/7/365.

The project was implemented in 2 years in a team of 10 people. Project time consuming is about 28,800 man-hour (3600 MD)

Technologies used:

  • C/C++,
  • Java SE,
  • Java EE,
  • Spring, Spring Boot,
  • Hibernate,
  • HTML,
  • JavaScript,
  • SQL (Oracle),
  • PLSQL,
  • SOAP WebService,
  • REST WebService,
  • GWT, SmartGWT,