We are proud to say that our employees took part in Hackathon SpaceHacks and won high places!

On 06-08 November 2020, Hackathon SpaceHacks organized by Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji and Prime Bit Games S.A. took place. Our three colleagues Krzysztof Kramarz, Damian Kucharski and Kamil Sosna were in a 4-person team representing the Automation, Electronics and IT Department.

The goal of the Hackathon was to present an idea or a prototype of “something” that can help in future travels into space or on planets.

The team created a prototype of a space suit equipped with sensors detecting pressure on the body and google AR allowing to cover the eye in conditions of a limited field of vision and using neural networks to detect what object is currently in front of the user.

This project allowed the boys to win a special award from LunAres, which guarantees a trip to a research facility in the form of Lunar Habitat.

Below you will find materials from SpaceHacks hackathon:

But that is not all. On 13-15 November 2020, SkyHacks Hackathon organized by SkyGate took place. This time our two employees – Krzysztof Kramarz and Damian Kucharski took part in it again.

This time they took part in the Business Hackathon category, which consisted of creating a presentation about the StartUp created for Hackathon. The video presentation itself was pre-assessed, and then 3 selected teams were answering to a Jury composed of SkyGate group members.

Some of these people live permanently in the USA, so the presentation was also presented in English. The idea for StartUp and its presentation was liked by the Jury enough to award our team with second place (83 points). The first place was given a total of 87 points, and the third place was given 75 points.


Our team

Congratulations and we wish you further successes!

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