Have you ever thought that software development is easy? It is a dynamic industry, which means that it is improving and changing all the time. It may cause a lot of challenges not only for beginner software developers.

Find out what are the most common problems that software developers have to face today.

No understanding of the client’s needs and a project

software developers problems

In a process of product planning client is not an option, it is a priority. The most important thing is that our product must be what the customer wants.

However, there might be situations where poor communication may influence on an end-product of our work. First of all, software developer has to ask his client to describe his expectations. All the details will be important. It will help us to plan the whole process of our work. The main task is to clearly understand what our client needs.

This will have a positive impact on the work we do but what is more important – our client will be pleased of our final work. The customer should explain to us how he thinks the final product should look like.

Expectations vs reality

The final result of the work may differ from the first idea. The client may be dissatisfied when we are unable to transfer his vision from paper to reality. That will bring us a problem with an extra work on changing a project. The worst scenario involves starting work from the beginning.

It is very important for the client to present their expectations to us in the initial phase of work. It will certainly reduce the chance that the customer will ultimately be dissatisfied with the work done. What we can do to make it better?

First of all, we need to talk with the client. You have to show him the whole plan in detail. Explain the process of your work. Show the client how it can look like. Write down all the ideas and expectations about it.

Then, confirm it with the client. Make sure you are both thinking the same. You can also show him a prototype of a product. On this stage you would implement something new or do a change. It will save your time – in case you would have to work on it from the beginning.

You need to realize that doing the work as quickly as possible can affect the quality of the work. Take your time and do your best.

Keeping up with technologies

Keeping up with technologies

It is a dynamic industry. It is growing very fast and because of that there are a lot of changes in a short time. The most important thing for a software developer is to keep abreast of the latest trends. This will provide better position on the market. Clients are looking for experienced employees with a big base of skills.

Updates versions are good. It makes your job easier. Make sure you are on time with all new stuff, by checking, looking for more information and learning to get more experience. Improve your skills. Keep learning new technologies.


You might work on perfect program for days. Finally, you are satisfied because you did your best. Everything should work perfectly as it was supposed to be. Then, comes debugging process. It shows that something is wrong.

Even the most professional and best wrote code might debug. You get a long list of bugs; an app crashed, and other things don’t work. Fixing one bug is easy but a lot of may not be. These situations can be really frustrating and make you waste time for fixing it. It is normal. The thing is to as fast as possible find it out and fix it.

Don’t waste your time for looking for solution solo. Don’t be afraid of asking others for help. Everyone person = one potential idea how to reduce problem.



Every app is valuable. Some people are willing to pay a lot for data access. Every client wants to keep his data base safe. The main thing is to secure it from those who want to steal our data base. It is a big responsibility for a software developer. Client rely on software developers.

The most important thing is to always improve your system data and security. Use only the newest software programs. Check updates because there are always hackers waiting for a loophole in your blockade.

The software must be trusted. Especially for users who want to use it on a website. That is why the protection of this data is so important. No one wants to get hacked or his personal data leaked.


Bad communication in a team is a common problem. Especially with new employees who don’t know much about all team members. Communication skills are as important as technical skills.

Poor communication may slow the process. Remember that all of you are working with a one project, on one effect. There can be a situation where two people have different visions of a product. It might cause conflicts.

You have to describe the one, coherent version. You have to be cooperative on working together. Your work must stick together. Especially when you have strict deadline.

Staying over hours

Staying over hours

Work on coding takes much time. It is almost impossible to find out a bug and fix it immediately. It is normal. It is possible to stay at work after hours.

You have to be ready for it. But don’t worry. There is always a wise solution. Everything is planned so thanks to that, the employee is satisfied. The employee’s well-being and health are always taken into account.

Don’t stick to your desk. Remember to take breaks to keep your health on a right level. Go to grab a cup of coffee or a lunch.

Organize work

For your work to be satisfactory you need to prepare yourself well for it. You should write on a paper your ideas rather than keeping it in your head. That is why you will be focused more on what is really need.

First of all, you have to make a plan about the whole process and destination of what you are working on. Then, make sure you are working stick to the plan. It will help you organize your work schedule and you won’t lose any valuable time. In order to plan your work in the best way possible, it is best to create brain maps and think about possible problems to solve.

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