Hiring a company to develop a product for you can be a tough task. It is just as hard as put up a new building when there are so many builders in the vicinity and you cannot decide. You need to choose wisely, because you will work with this firm for months or years.

Let’s start with a simple common scenario

You want a customized software product for your company. You have tried developing by your own but it doesn’t seem to be working as good as you wanted to. Finally, you decided to cooperate with company which will help you with custom solutions.

The election of the right one from the best of software development companies is the next obstacle you have to face with. Creating a relationship with tech partners is challenging – things can be easier in the future if you remember about proper communication and respect. If you make a mistake and choose the wrong company, you can end up losing your faith in your partner. It is important to pay attention to several factors, so that the odds of a weak relationship can be significantly reduced.

Technology partners function just like other businesses where the people and minds in organisation affect them. The best developers are absorb by the greatest technology partners. They know how to deal with and eliminate mediocre developers. Notwithstanding, it can be difficult especially for freshers to understand, choose and maintain relationship with these tech partners.

This article aims to bring a forth pattern and a few associated questions which can help you to find the perfect software development company.

  1. Discard the Cheapest

Very often, the cheapest option can cost you a lot in the future. For example, when you buy cheap goods on Amazon or eBay, you have no guarantee of quality. Buying a service can also pigeonhole you just like a cheated online customer.

The cheaper offer or bundle you choose, the more you get to regret in the future. This is why you should reject the cheapest:

  • Technological Debt: documentation hindering the work of developers, unclean code, unverified due to lack of tests.
  • Source Code Ownership: Even after paying for the developing, you will only be asked to license the product, because your are not the owner of the source code.
  • Poor Communication: Lack of good communication can be harmful. If the fluency and transparency of the development process is not maintained, the “cheap” can turn expensive in the long run.

Instead of looking for the cheapest service, aim for buying the most cost-effective service. Spending less money at the beginning can burn your pockets grandly in the end. Creating applications from scratch is the worst idea.

  1. Lack of recommendations

Most of the reviews which can be found on the Internet are truthful and requesting recommendations is not a bad idea.

Learn more about the company by meeting various people. LinkedIn can be very helpful. You can find your contacts and talk about their opinions, ask for their opinions, those of which have the company’s founders in their network.

Never ignore the reviews – they can change your perception of things.

  1. Integration and Communication

You’ll be lucky if you choose a company that focuses on improving the development process and respects surveying meetings. Namely, look for a company that keeps up that spirit.

You should integrate the respective external development team right from the beginning and plainly explain them what you need but also ask them what they expect from you. This strategy is cost-efficient and also can speed up the development process.

According to report from Accenture, Price is not as important as Communication and Product Quality – from the Customer’s point of view.

  1. No to Yes-Sayers

Here is why you should not choose the yes-sayers partners: You need someone who has no problem with directness. Honest “no” is better than an empty “Yes”. For Example:

  • No, implementing this feature at the moment can waste, both your time and money
  • No, we do not work in RoR/Phyton/C#. We are good in JavaSript
  • No, you should try using other tools for this project.
  1. Partner Chemistry

Relationship with tech partners should be really strong. Believe in your relationship chemistry.

It is important to work with your partners as partners and not customer. Frequently discuss about the shape of the product and how you pictured it to look like.

When this relationship will have enough chemistry, you don’t have to worry about the rest. The clear communication allow both the partners to be on the same page. Your partner’s business interests are safe.

  1. Frequent deployment

Company updates are must. The development progress should be regularly provided. A demo which is done at the end of each unit is like on the picture.

The development process is smooth and fast. A requirement to present a demo after a weekend or two weeks of work can motivate the developers to be active. You can develop a much the same pressure as a customer to provide information, specifications or mockups for the nest week’s cycle. The weekly pressure can help accelerating the development process in the meantime, improving the quality of the process.

  1. Geography

It is easily understood why English is a must these days, removing the language barrier. You should look for a company which gives you golden pointers, not just excellent codes.

You should search for fantastic problem-solvers equipped with exceptional language eloquence. Think before you outsource your software development to Philippines or Vietnam.

An excellent technology contributes to about 30-40% of your success in business. So you need to select a company that will be happy to advise you.

You need to know where you want to ground your external software development team.

According to survey carried out by HackerRank, Poland is in the Top 3 of the best software developers of the world


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