Around the world, effects of the virus will be felt for months. Economists think, that the worst time for world economy is yet to come. Stock exchanges around the world are seeing record declines. But if the COVID-19 can improve business? In my opinion definitely yes. Despite many tragic effects, Coronavirus will have unexpected benefits for many entrepreneurs. However, most of businesses have not seen it yet.  

Remote work

All over the world, a lot of companies are forced to work remotely because of the coronavirus. Many businesses have never tried this kind of working style before. The necessity of remote work made us aware that work from home is something easy to organise and available for every enterprise. People from all over the world can provide services remotely. I am sure that this pandemic will change the direction that companies will start moving in terms of team management and the way services are provided. Especially, software development companies have showed that this kind of pandemic does not have to affect delays or lower quality of services. In many businesses are happening something totally different – thanks to a good management, companies are providing services at the same pace, maintaining the quality of custom software development provided at the same or even higher level. It shows that also during a pandemic, a proper work organization brings many benefits to companies.

Integration of modern cloud solutions and more

COVID-19 forced companies to immediately implement modern solutions for communication with clients, employees and project management. Microsoft Office 365 gained value. The same applies to other similar solutions in the field of office packages, such as Google G Suite or work on files such as Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere. Quick integration of cloud solutions improved companies very much. In particular, project management program has begun to enjoy great interest. For example, Jira or Trello, programs for group teleconference like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Webex or Zoom. Despite the prohibition of physical meeting in groups, thanks to those applications companies transferred communication to the Internet. Businesses with implemented document management system eliminate the necessity to meet with Human Resources department. Shops exclude cash payment what have contributed to increase of interest in modern ways of cashless payment.  

Optimization of marketing and sales activities

Coronavirus gave entrepreneurs time for making an analysis of past marketing activities. Finally, we can do something that is always put aside – marketing and the right sales strategy are the keys to the success of any business. Time well spent can result in significant business development when the pandemic threat will be over.

Cost optimization

Very soon, many companies’ boards will note that part of their employees can be hired on a remote work basis. For some companies, delegating a team solely to work remotely can significantly reduce the cost of running a business ensuring the same efficiency as working on-site at the company’s headquarters. A big part of entrepreneurs have started to announced that during the pandemic they are working from home. In my opinion, this trend will be more and more popular right now – due to the tragic consequences of the pandemic.

Much cheaper costs of employing software development teams in Poland

Because of a coronavirus pandemic, Polish government decided to lower interest rates. In consequence, polish currency has weakened considerably against the dollar and the euro. Therefor, software development team employment cost is lower than it was one or two weeks ago. We can safely say that a remote dedicated software development team can be very efficient.

Strengthening interpersonal relationships

In the end, I would like to highlight one of the most important benefits of coronavirus. Man begin to notice another man. Sew masks, do shopping for our neighbours. Coronavirus totally change relations between people. When it will end, everybody will be the winner.

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