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The most popular types of outsourcing contracts – How to choose the right one?

You may find a lot of obstacles when you will try to outsource the work to the different company. It could be tough to deal with the competence shortage. Shortlisting the best outsourcing suppliers is really challenging. Once you headed throughout the process of seeking for the right ones you can feel relieved. But this feeling will not last forever. Companies representatives will urge you to sign the contract which is the best for them. But which one is the best for you? (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
7 February 2020
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What is data extraction and why is it important for your business.

Let’s be fair for a moment – you want to employ less people and do more stuff in you company. Or at least have them do some actually important things. If you have to employ some people to do stuff that you can do but really don’t want to, then they probably don’t want to do it either. It would be much better to give them some creative and challenging task. This way both, them and your company would develop. (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
16 January 2020
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What You Should Know About Massive & Industrial IoT

During our history as the strongest and most intelligent species on the planet we have had several Industrial Revolutions. First one was happening in the period of 1760 to 1830. It was mainly focused on manufacturing. For the first time machines were replacing humans in their labor. In the late 19th and 20th centuries the second industrial revolution happened. (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
19 December 2019

Top 7 Fintech trends in 2019

While technology has changed multiple parts of our lives already, banking and financial industries are still lagging behind. And that is exactly why fintech companies are here. Software development teams across the world are working hard to find new ways to introduce technology to financial industries and take their part of the $127.66 billion market. Here are some of the most important fintech trends of 2019. (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
10 December 2019
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The differences between nearshoring and offshoring

Browsing IT literature and visiting software development topics websites, we meet concepts such as: outsourcing, offshoring or nearshoring. They describe models of cooperation between companies. Let’s try to focus on those formulation and try to answer what is it all about. Firstly, we will explain the concept, than we will think about which cooperation option choose and why. (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
28 November 2019

Top tips for creating an Agile office in developing companies

The design of your office should not only be pretty for an eye. It has to arouse employees’ creativity, improve the communication and exchange of information inside the company. Still many people are sceptical about how important interior design is, which is very frustrating, because a lot of studies about this has been carried out in this field. (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
23 October 2019

Why hire IT developers in Gliwice, Poland?

Poland is a fast growing country and it speedily chases its western neighbors. Every year Poland increases its significance on the international politics’ arena. This growth can be observed in international investments made in Poland, mostly in IT industry. Polish cities are full of international firms which are arising and growing year by year. These companies employ many Polish programmers. The question is: Why you should employ developers from Gliwice, Poland? (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
23 September 2019