Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is our future and it extendeds to almost every area of our lives. Like Elon Musk said  we “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.” Here, at Wasko S.A. we chose to be part of it and we are looking into this future. From consultation services up to grocery stores – everything can be made smarter.

Depending on our client’s needs and professional background we can suggest and implement solutions like chatbots, intelligent shops or some smart-city projects. As AI and machine learning can be implemented in almost every area you just need to have a thing you want to automate in your industry. We live in information age, and that’s what AI relies on.

We have team of specialized data scientists working on such solutions with usage of most popular and in-demand technologies like Tensorflow, PyTorch, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, SQL, Kuberflow. We have experience in domains of AI like:


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Mining
  • Smart City applications
  • Genetic Programming
  • Image and video Processing
  • EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)




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