We're A Solid Nearshore Software Development Company Located In The Heart Of Gliwice, Poland.

Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

WASKO was established in 1988 and since then our company have built strong position on local and international markets. We are one of the biggest Polish companies implementing modern technologies. Our headquarters is located in Gliwice, and branch offices in several cities across the country. We design and integrate IT solutions, industrial automation, telecommunications and electronics.

Web Development

We use PHP, JAVA or .NET. to build perfect application and move your business forward.

Mobile App Development

Launch your mobile app for Android or iOS thanks to Ionic or React Native technologies.

Software Development Team

Our talented software development engineers are experts from .NET, Java and more.

Free Project Consultation

Take advantage of our 30 years of experience with innovative technologies and let us develop solutions for you

Agile Software Development

Progress will be seen quickly and regularly, so you will be able to supervise work and introduce changes on a regular basis.

Start Project in 2 Days!

Do you want to start work quickly and efficiently? In two days a team will be prepared for you.

Agile Software Development

WASKO S.A. is developing software using agile methodology. We are able to show you progress quickly and frequently. Direct your project on the right direction is our priority. Our client will have a high developed software and minimized risk. Our team use Atlassian JIRA and also Atlassian Bitbucket so you can see the source code day in and day out during agile software development.

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React.js + React Native




Ionic Framework