Nowadays competence shortage is one of the biggest challenge for companies. Finding solid people to hire is very hard. Business owners seek for high-value employees everywhere. Lack of software developers on the local market force businesses to look up for the resources abroad. Sometimes in really long distant from their headquarters. Depends on the budget and the project requirements companies quest for the nearshore and the offshore companies. It is really common today to work with the remote teams. Knowing these five following tips will help you to lead your project into the right direction.

  • Regular meetings

Talking to people is one of the most important rule when it comes to a team management. But sometimes people forget about conversations. Especially when your team works remotely you should have regular short meetings every day and, to sum up the progress, one longer meeting during a week. If you not lead your team every day you are not managing it at all. A good manager is by your side all the time, not only when it comes to reporting. It is easier to set up short goals and manage the achievement on the daily basis, than setting up only the long term goals. The best way is to make a rule that you will meet every day at specific time and do not forget to obey that law. By saying “meetings” I mean conf-calls. There is a few great solutions for online video conferences like: Zoom, Google Hangout Meets, Microsoft Teams. Nowadays, most business meetings are conf calls instead of meeting in person.

  • Be sure that you are on the same page

Depends on the project, sometimes you will work on the fixed price basis, and sometimes on the time and material basis. If you work on the fixed price basis be sure that you have really clear specification of the scope, and detailed wireframes as well. Be sure that everybody understands the scope of the project in the same way. If you work in the time and material basis especially in the Agile, then you should keep your board always updated. Do not forget to set up regular meetings to see the progress as it occurs as mentioned before. The best way to avoid misunderstandings is to ask people to describe what they have to do according to the scope.

  • Use the tools that your team likes

There is nothing worst in the people management that demanding from them to work with the tools that are not user-friendly and are time consuming. Especially when it comes to work with the software development teams. The best way to lose an employee is to ask him to use the tools it does not like. Instead of using boring software bring some freshness to your team and use modern hi-tech solutions. You can find a lot of great software over the Internet. Here you have some of the most interesting tools you should check: Jira, Trello, Zoom, Slack, GitHub, Microsoft Teams.

  • Take care of the working space

Be sure that all your crew members have the best working space. Do not let people work from the café or sitting on a bench in the park. Remote does not mean without the focus. Each of your team members should have a comfy chair, a desk, and all the hardware and software needed to finish the work properly. If you decide to hire a company outside your country then be sure that all of them works in the same office. This is really important when it comes to the communications between them.

  • Give a clear feedback – often.

Do not wait until your project fails. Not giving a clear feedback during the process of the development may lead the project into the wrong direction. And you do not want that – trust me. Sometimes forgetting about giving a feedback may cause a necessity of writing a software from the scratch again.  Remember that you are the manager and a team count on you. Do not hesitate to give a few words’ opinion about the progress you see. Projects are successful mostly because PM’s do the right job. A team executes your commands. So do not let them wander alone through the hills of the project development. A shepherd never leave its flock alone. You also should never leave your team without a feedback.

To sum up, managing a remote team could be tough. But we are living in the era where competence shortage is everywhere. A good manager has an ability to find a solution for any issue. If you follow these tips above, management of your remote team will be easier. Also, if you are looking for the software development teams you can find a guide how to find the right software developer here.

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