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January 2020

Software development

5 tips to manage remote software development teams

Nowadays competence shortage is one of the biggest challenge for companies. Finding solid people to hire is very hard. Business owners seek for high-value employees everywhere. Lack of software developers on the local market force businesses to look up for the resources abroad. Sometimes in really long distant from their headquarters. Depends on the budget and the project requirements companies quest for the nearshore and the offshore companies. It is really common today to work with the remote teams. Knowing these five following tips will help you to lead your project into the right direction. (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
28 January 2020
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What is data extraction and why is it important for your business.

Let’s be fair for a moment – you want to employ less people and do more stuff in you company. Or at least have them do some actually important things. If you have to employ some people to do stuff that you can do but really don’t want to, then they probably don’t want to do it either. It would be much better to give them some creative and challenging task. This way both, them and your company would develop. (more…)
Marcin Olejnik
16 January 2020